Tuesday, November 16, 2010

If I ever ...

I'm sure this will be the first of many "If I ever [do xyz] then do an intervention" blog posts.

Just ran across a blogpost in which the blogger was chiding people and "strongly urging" her readers to get with the times and only use one space after each sentence (instead of 2).

If I ever write a blog post to make fun of people, assert my dominance, etc. in the realm of grammar PLEASE do an intervention. That is not the kind of person I want to be.

I know a couple things about grammar, but my grammar isn't perfect. I try my best not to fuss at other people about their practices. (Unless, it's a professional document and people are paid The Big Bucks to write it and it's sloppy -- THEN you're fair game.) We're all amateurs. (Most of us, anyway.) No one is going to be perfect. Language, style, and rhetoric will be argued over until the end of all time.

Put your [body part] measuring sticks away. No one needs to know how big your [body part] is.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Stage 2 Procrastination

I should be studying Chinese right now, but instead I'm making a blog post. Huzzah. I decided that I would begin posting some of my in-class writing here, since I don't have much other writing these days to speak of. (Aside from journal entries that read like, "Gee my life sucks, when will I graduate? I think I'll be fat forever ..." etc. But, we won't talk about those here. Ahem.) My previous blog post was an in-class assignment and I just thought I'd let you know there may be more in the future! I may actually post some of the more creative papers I've written this semester, if they're short enough. Cheers.

The Country (Hypotaxis)

After the sun rises, I lumber out of bed and sloppily throw on overalls. Although there's still sleep in my eyes, once I drink a tall glass of milk I'm ready to tackle my chores. If I finish my chores I can play in the pond with the frogs. Mid-morning turns into afternoon, afternoon turns into evening, and soon I realize I've spent the whole day romping around the fields with my dog. But the best part -- what I've been waiting for -- is when Gram and I sit on the porch with milk and cookies watching the sunset.


This was part of an in class writing assignment to write a short, Hypotaxis-style paragraph about a day in the country. I modified it slightly to make it a drabble. (As I understand it, Hypotaxis is about subordination of clauses. It's a particular style of writing that joins clauses to create a hierarchy, such that everything builds to the end of the paragraph where the "pay off," the most important piece is.)