Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Onboard the Eden, pt 1

Klaxons immediately blared in their ears.
"You had to do it," he growled, glaring at her with that “I could kill you” face. “1,000 buttons on that panel and you had to push the one that's off limits,” he said, pointing at the big red button labeled “DON'T!”
“You don't actually think it will depressurize the ship. Do you?”
“Cap'n said so. You heard him!”
As if on cue, the Captain's voice split the air. “All crew report to your stations.”
“Fudge,” she sputtered.
Ignoring orders, the two ducked behind some cargo containers.

* * *

This is another drabble, a 100 word piece of fiction. Now, if you caught the reference (did you?) this is actually a futuristic take on a well-known story. I intend to do at least a part 2, but after that, we'll see. Too much of a good thing isn't a good thing, right? Technically a drabble has to be a complete package, finished in 100 words, so I guess this isn't a "proper" drabble. (I may make some changes to this drabble later. I'm not quite done fiddling with it.)

After today I only have 4 more days of working at the magazine. I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do next. I need a paying job. I could come back and keep working for free in order to gain relevant job experience. However, unpaid jobs don't exactly pay the bills!

I'm a praying person (just so you know), and I've been praying for a paying job, but it's been sort of half-butted when-I-think-of-it type prayers. This morning I was challenged to really get into it and ask God for a good job. Doesn't James say we don't have because we don't ask? So, we'll see what happens. Maybe God has something else for me, who knows?

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